The McCarron Group is a premier collaborative partner. Their accessible leadership has connected us with thought leaders, helped interpret complex protocols, and brainstormed creative solutions to unusual opportunities.

Mindy Warner, Fleishman-Hillard
Senior Vice President and Partner
Fleishman-Hillard Clinical Trials Division

The McCarron Group has a proven mastery of the literature relating mineral nutrition to health outcomes and has proven time and again its insight into public health nutrition policy-making and its political milieu. The Salt Institute has valued Dr. McCarron’s consulting expertise for a quarter century and has appreciated the professionalism and responsiveness of his expert team. We, of course, take full responsibility for our statements on the science and the consequences of various public health nutrition interventions, but we are proud to offer on our website, all our public statements back to 1995 with the expectation that visitors will appreciate the quality of the analysis that underlies these commentaries. Dr. McCarron has earned our respect and admiration for the quality of his counsel.

Dick Hanneman
Salt Institute

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